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"Helping People Through Life's Autism, Fragile X, and PTSD Challenges!"

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Welcome to Our Site

PHASE 1- AWARENESS brings Questions


"How do you Find Out?"

Through Non-profit Foundations, Teachers, Counselors, School Evaluations, Clinical Evaluations, and  Physician

PHASE 2- Diagnosis or Evaluations

Clinical Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologists, and Soon to be a Rapid Diagnostic Blood Test from

 *Global WholeHealth Group

* But once you find out you fall under the ASD SPECTRUM or PTSD?

"Then What!"


*AFXF has the ANSWER to the "Why?", the "How do you Find Out?" and to the "THEN WHAT!"



Learn about the Solution and Answer!

Learn about the Solution and Answer!

Helping Parents and Siblings of Autistic and Fragile X Children

AFXF wants parents to be able to spend  a "quality of life" with their children. Children who receive the proper treatment will be able to pass along many blessing to their families:

  •  Parents will be able to focus more on the entire family as oppose to their children or child who has the disorder.
  •  Parents and siblings will receive more contribution from the child or children around the household, during activities, and the normalities of life.
  • Parents, siblings, family members, and friends; including the children or child with the disorder, will be able to feel less overwhelmed. 
  • And both the child or children with any disorders  will be able to feel a more peaceful environment.  

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Helping Schools Districts and Educators understand the Children, Teenagers, or Adults with Autism and Fragile X Disorders 

With proper treatment, children with Autism or Fragile X Disorders will have the ability to be mainstreamed and will no longer be kept out of regular social activities.  

  • Educators will be able to spread their class time more efficiently among their students. 
  • Educators will be able to easily support and educate their students with any disorders with out feeling overwhelmed. 
  • Educators will be able to enjoy a more peaceful classroom environment, and have the ability to create a longer bondage with the families of their students. 

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Helping the Medical Professionals , help the children with Autism and Fragile X

AFXF knows that the medical field is trying to administer safe drugs or treatments for people with Autism or Fragile X disorders without the negative side-effects. AFXF is behind the researchers looking for the newest and the best treatment to recommend to Medical Professionals.

  • Medical Professionals will be able to recommend a treatment that is natural, that has no negative side-effects, or that is non-addictive or toxic to the system.
  • Medical Professionals will no longer feel lost or have to make up cocktails to numb their patients frontal lobe or cause a straight jacket effect.
  • Medical Professionals will be able to have more functioning patients and parents, while creating a bond that will have an ever lasting impact!

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We are the Autism Fragile X Foundation. We are looking for passionate people who desire to help the Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Fragile X and PTSD community. We are looking for individuals who feel the necessary need to extend a helping hand to many of our local communities, who seek answers and solutions.

We are looking for folks who are fun and interactive. Folks who have the skills to help plan, interact with parents and participate helping children with special needs. We are looking for community leaders who will help during arts and crafts workshops at the main facility, who will help during community special events, and who will help during fundraising. Will you help us save a family, by helping us give new beginnings to children and adults?

July 20, 2019 Free Events "Fly Your Kite Day!"

Look at what we did in June 2019!

Our Objective

AFXF's Donations Support Research Companies with the Best Treatment

The Autism Fragile X Foundation, supports research companies that have found a breakthrough in chemistry and science. AFXF focus on supporting research companies that understand the cause of the disorders and not just awareness. AFXF devotes its time to support the research with the best treatment that will change one life at a time and the best treatment that will treat the root of the problem by a high percentage.  

Everyone has the right to live life to the fullest

With a proper treatment, children can be children again, adolescence can be adolescence, and adults may lead normal lives, without the fear of judgment from society or peers. AFXF's greatest wish is to give children, adolescence, and adults dignified lives and the help necessary for them to succeed. 

Hippocampus Part of the Brain 

AFXF knows by working along side of Research Companies that the chemical imbalances in the Hippocampus is the root cause for Autism and other disorders.  Our quest all along has been to find a non-addictive, natural based, and no negative side-effects treatment.  that will treat the millions of people giving them a fresh start on life without harming them. 

Giving back to society

AFXF's heart beat is to help people with Autism, Fragile X, and other disorders. We give our time, resources and hearts to the Autism Spectrum, Fragile X, and PTSD community. 

Help us give the opportunity of freedom from these challenges to our Autism Spectrum, Fragile X and PTSD members of society. Our 501-c3 non-profit organization, is seeking help from community member, in order to continue its research.